A Boy and His Berries

I have a berry boy.  The kind of boy who loves to go berry picking with his mom and really gets into creating things.

Recently Tractor Man and Tag Along learned that we have blackberry bushes growing amongst the trees along our long driveway.  It seems every time I turn around they are running down the driveway with a bucket in hand.


Tractor Man recently decided his efforts were going to be enjoyed. How he was not exactly sure but the berries were being mashed into something…enter Mom.


With a little coaxing and a whole lot of bribery (yup I did otherwise he wouldn’t let me give input) it was decided to let mom help add a few things and we could serve it over ice cream at dinner.


The boys were both happy with their contribution to dinner.


I’m pretty sure it was their favorite part…

Happy homesteading and berry season!


One thought on “A Boy and His Berries

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