My Homeschool Kindergarten Check List

After the homeschool conference this year I decided I really wanted to focus on some key things to teach Tractor Man for his kindergarten year of school.  For me, setting a specific list of expectations for the up coming year is more of a goal for myself than it is for him.

Tractor Man will learn almost anything I attempt to teach him.  Even though we are homeschooling I still want him to have a strong foundation of skills often taught in the public school setting.  Knowing his name, address, and phone number are great life skills.  But we will be adding the pledge of allegiance as well.  This is a wonderful foundation set by our country that needs to be instilled in our children as well.

Reading with the kids is something we do before bed every night but adding some daily reading time will strengthen not only Tractor Man’s but also Tag Along’s verbal skills.  I encourage you to visit the Read Aloud Revival to find a wonderful listing of wholesome books you can read with your children.  The podcasts are fantastic as well.  This one by Andrew Pudewa is by far my favorite.

If you are planning for your upcoming school year start with the basics and then add content from there.  Be sure to select content you feel is important to pass on to your child.

Basics to Include:
Reading, writing, math.
Anything more than that needs to be in moderation.  This is kindergarten after all.

Add On Options:
Science-once a month we will do a science project and keep it very simple.  Discussion on animals found at the zoo will be based towards this as well.

Art– I’m not a like crafts for kids person-too much mess.  Having a biweekly, well planned project is something I am willing to push myself to do.  Its for the boys not me after all.

History-teaching the kids some basic survival skills and talking about explorers and pioneer’s will be our focus.  A trip to Mount Rushmore and Crazy horse may happen as well.  This isplanned with a trip toward my sister in law’s.

Literature-our books and stories are linked back to what we are talking about with history and the pioneer’s.  Little House on the Praire, Farmer Boy, etc.

Physical Education-this is a tough thing to provide in a homeschool setting.  Especially if you don’t want to be traveling constantly to provide it.  The wrestling program lovally for is has been wonderful!  We joined last year and plan to again this year.  Our boys are very active naturally so I am only planning the one sport at this time.  Remember here that adding too much is not always a good thing.
Life Skills-cooking, gardening, and animal care will be three possible things we add on if Tractor Man can handle beyond his basics.  Life skills are so important!  Knowing how to cook something without power is a great skill that everyone should have. Knowing how to patch a hole. Yup great life skills.
Don’t overload yourself.  But do remember to do yourself one big favor.

Make a basic schedule and stick to it!!!  Wake up,eat breakfast, brush your teeth, say a prayer, etc.  Following those basic starts everyday will help to keep you and your family organized and prepared.

Good luck as you prepare for the upcoming school year.  Remember to give yourself a break if things don’t go according do plan.

Happy homeschooling.

Our Kindergarten Check List
Pledge of Allegiance
Address, phone number, write full name clearly
Tie shows
Art projects biweekly
History-survival skills, think pioneer!
Religion- topic for the month Saint Valentine, Saint Patrick, Christmas, etc.
Reading-phonics books a and b
Wrestling push-ups, jumping jacks, etc.
Science project monthly
Handwriting books
Literature List (new book every 6 weeks) Farmer Boy, Northwoods Adventure Series (1-5), Little House on the Praise
Math addition and subtraction Field Trip once a month (zoo membership, reptile zoo, historic locations, caves, etc)

Feel free to add what is important to you.
Hang on. Its going to be a great year!

2 thoughts on “My Homeschool Kindergarten Check List

  1. Great list! Oh my goodness the basic schedule thing is so important and something I overlooked at first. It’s so helpful to my daughter and to me when we have a basic plan for how the day will go!

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