Freezer Fill Up:Day3-Freezer Apple Pies

It is day three of our freezer fill up.  I'm not sure about the rest of you but I really enjoy my sweets.  And no dinner is complete without a desert right? Today's freezer apple pie recipe is from my wonderful friend Super Sarah.  This lady has three beautiful children, another on the way and … Continue reading Freezer Fill Up:Day3-Freezer Apple Pies

Freezer Fill Up: Day 2-Chicken Pot Pie

It's day two of our freezer fill up and I am so glad you are back.  Yesterday we covered freezer corn today we are moving on to a ready made meal.  These are my favorite things to have on hand.  Delicious homemade goodness ready to be baked at a moments notice. Today we are making … Continue reading Freezer Fill Up: Day 2-Chicken Pot Pie