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I tend to be a day dreamer.  I always have been and probably always will be.  It seems that I have also passed this rather odd trait on to my children as well.  Tractor Man is so often off in his own little dream world that I simply just sit and listen to him pretend and day dream all of his ideas for what we can do with “our life”.  It is a breath of fresh air.

Tractor Man dancing in the mirrors while shopping with Gaga (my mom).

Fresh air, that is something that we have been craving here in Minnesota lately.  We had a few beautiful days in February (wait, what?!?!) that were in the 50’s!  Then March came and more wonderful weather followed, then tornadoes and snow.
Recent Snow

Yes, it is currently snowing outside again and just last week we were taking shelter in the basement.  It has been a strange change of seasons for us.

So, snug in our home there is not to much else to do but to day dream…

With all of the thoughts crossing my mind I cannot help but hope for a simpler life for everyone.  There is so much that goes on in our day to day lives, even when we homestead and home school (so we have a few less outside distractions).  But I find myself longing for a slower pace, less of everything.

Can you imagine that?  Wanting less…

Walk through a grocery store today and that is not what generally comes from the mouths of our youth.  And to be honest, as parents, we want to give our children the best of everything.

Maybe the best is a little less.

A few less toys, so they can focus and imagine the day away with the ones they still have.

A few less hours hours of screen time, so they can have a real conversation with us or hear us read a story to them.

A few less sugary treats, so they can learn what a healthy diet can do for their bodies.  And to learn that a treat is something we get in moderation-a new word! 😉

But really giving our kids a bit less is not hindering them in life.  Looks at what the offset was to the less that was listed above.  Yes, it may take adjustment time for them to get used to less candy, TV and toys but they will learn to appreciate and respect the times when they do have it.

Day dreaming of a simpler life is not something that has to stay a dream.  We can take steps to make our lives more simple and more beautiful everyday.

I used to enjoy a great cup of coffee but I found that throughout the rest of the day I was agitated and anxious.  I was starting my day all wrong for me.  Your morning routine may require this but maybe you just need a warm beverage like I do.  I now have tea, way less anxiety and I am happier.  I have less coffee and more sleep at night.  I simplified my routine.

Snow that came up on us.

Today I encourage each of you to sit and dream.  Make a list of those things you really want to do.  Vacations you want to take, people you want to visit, moments you want to share as a family.

Dream a little.  What is it that you want?  Take away the hustle and bustle of the world and ask yourself what would make you happy.  Write it down so you remember it.  Place it where you will see it often, even daily.

Then, start taking steps to achieve it.

Happy homesteading.

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