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It seems as though this time of year we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. We try setting goals and resolutions but often times fall short.

One of the biggest reasons we fail, in my opinion, is that we dont pepare ourselves for these tasks. In order to grow a garden you will first need seed right?!?!

This year as I posted earlier I have set several goals for myself but we also have a few long standing family goals. Being debt free, paying for our future home in cash, and decluttering our lives are just a few that we often struggle with.

Recently I started following the blog www.livingwellspendingless.com and read the book Living Well Spending Less 12 Secrets of the Good Life and was blessed to find a few of the answers I had been looking for.

In this book the author, Ruth, gives great insight into how downsizing and simplifying changed her families life. To some this may seem an odd fact to find but for myself and our family this is huge!

We recently worked on decluttering our home and we were able to get rid of a LOT of things that surrounded us daily and stressed us out. We didnt even realize the stress it put on us until that moment when we went to bed and this amazing relaxing peace came over us.

We have vowed never to go back, and im happy to report we are two weeks in to this transition. Our next goal is some bigger rooms and storage.

Finding others who believe that less really is more gives me such hope!

Not only does Ruth cover how to

Declutter our lives but also hoe to save monry, dream and set goals. For some those things havent been done since high school!

Dreaming about my “grown-up” house as the author coined it has been wonderful and terrible! We are saving and doing well so for my birthday we went to look at kitchen and bathroom things to start dreaming.

Our trip ended with us wondering how much we would need to save to get that house. Surprisingly, two days after this trip my husband and I both said we would prefer a smaller house and more land.

e had decided that less to us was more peaceful!

Peace. The shortest definition in the dictionary I can find for peave is contentment. That is what I want for my life and for my children. Peace and contentment. The ability to be happy and fully satisfied with the little things in life not always longig for more.

I know that it will be challenging but after reading this book, which my husband did as well without any prodding, I am more determined than ever to have that contentment.

Challenges are a part of our life and setting up a foundation for success is the best way to succeed. Make the time and do yourself a favor by reading Living Well Spendin Less 12 Secrets to the Good Life so that you too can find that fiundation to help you succeed.

Happy reading and enjoy!

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