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As my husband and I began our journey to home school Tractor Man we were so excited! We knew what we wanted to teach, what he wanted to learn and how to best reach our son. 

One thing I did not plan for was the challenge to find worksheets and projects that fit the needs of our son.  Some books are great, have fantastic set ups but lack the ability to repeat the page more than once due to copyright issues.

So after finding this challenge to be a big issue for us I took my husbands suggestions and created a few of my own worksheets.  I have included them as printables which are free for you to enjoy. 

All I ask is that you print from here regularly so I can follow which items are liked the most and therefore should create more of.  I would also greatly appreciate it if you would tell your friends so they can enjoy them too!

The pages that I will be releasing early next week are for learning to write your letters and the basics of addition.  Subtraction will soon follow.  If you have any requested subjects be sure to leave a comment and I will do my best to create for your demands.

These sheets were our primary focus right now as we have been unable to find a resource that allows for multiple repetitions of use.  We have also had a very difficult time trying to find worksheets that use pictures to best help with addition and subtraction.

Thanks for following and hopefully for printing.  Happy home schooling!

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