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I was blessed to grow up in Wisconsin on 40 acres of wooded land.  Trees have always been around me and to be honest, I loved them but took having them for granted.

After marrying my husband, we moved to southern Minnesota.  I feel this area should be known as the land of corn fields. While I do enjoy those fields while they are growing I long for my trees.

After buying our new homestead here Sir Swine and I agreed we needed to clear out a lot of over growth before planting.  This place has been vacant for almost five years so I’m talking itch weed six feet tall and cockel burrs everywhere!

We did agree that the three trees planted right next to the house had to be moved. So today with our beautiful weather I went to work.

Two Noregians and a Blue Spruce later I’m happy with their new location. 

Here’s what I did today.


First I measured the root depth using my shovel as my measuring stick.


Then I dug my holes in a much better growing location than two feet from the house.


For some reason I feel like the land version of Dori on Finding Nemo.  “Just keep digging, digging, what do we do we dig.”  Ok back to reality.

I used my shovel to check my measurement for the depth.


Then I rolled the tree into it’s new home, literally.  These trees are about 8-10 feet tall so rolling was my only option on my own. Sir Swine helped me get them near the hole. 


Then I just pulled it upright and stood it nice and straight.


Filled in around the based and ta-da, a wind break will soon be nice on the perimeter of our property. 


Now on to all that over growth.

Happy homesteading everyone.

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